Obstetrical and Pregnancy Care

I am interested in obstetrical/pregnancy care. When do I come in and how does it all work?

Great question! First of all, if you are not yet pregnant, we recommend coming in to review healthy habits while pursuing, and once you become, pregnant. We can also review some simple techniques (such as basal body temperature charting) that can increase your chances of becoming pregnant with each cycle.

We will usually schedule you for your first OB appointment between 6-9 weeks after the first day of your last menstrual period. At that visit, we will review your health history and identify any issues that will require special attention during your pregnancy. We will often obtain an early ultrasound to confirm your due date. At around 20-22 weeks, we will perform an anatomy ultrasound where we can see all of the organs of your growing infant and confirm gender if you wish. The frequency of your visits will gradually increase with weekly visits beginning at 36-37 weeks.

I place a very high premium on answering all your questions and addressing any concerns that you have. You will see me for every pregnancy visit and it is extremely likely that I will be there for your delivery as I've delivered more than 98% of my patients over the last 5 years.

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