We’ll take every step of your journey to your baby’s birth together. My goal is to make sure you feel empowered and confident throughout your pregnancy and delivery. You’re doing an amazing thing, and you deserve to be supported.

Access. During your first pregnancy visit, I’ll share contact numbers that will allow you to reach me at any time. As an expecting mom, you’re going to have questions. I would rather you call me on a Saturday at midnight than have you spend your weekend worried about something I can answer.

Continuity. I deliver 96% of my patients’ babies. I’m on call every Monday through Friday and every fifth weekend, but — with rare exceptions — I still deliver my own patients on weekends when I am not on call.

Flexibility. Over the course of your pregnancy, we’ll work together to develop a birth plan that fits your values, comfort, and wishes. I believe in letting your baby take its time to enter the world, not rushing to fit my schedule. I’ve delivered babies in alternative positions, and I’ve assisted fathers and partners as they’ve delivered their own children. We’ll do what works for you and your family.