We’ve built strong relationships over the years by listening, being proactive, and taking great care of our patients. Here’s what they have to say:

“Dr. Weyhrich is amazing! I was worried about seeing a male at first, but he was so easy to talk to. He answered all of my questions — I never felt rushed. I’d never go anywhere else!”

“Last year was hard — I had a miscarriage. Dr. Weyhrich was so supportive. I had a couple of times when I was really upset. I was able to call him after hours to talk. He helped me through it — I can’t thank him enough.”

“I just had my baby with Dr. Weyhrich. I had lots and lots of questions and was a nervous new mom. I felt bad about calling after hours, but he called right back and was always so kind. We saw him for every visit and we knew he was going to be there for delivery. He’s great!”

“My surgery went well and I was out of the hospital the next day. But I really remember Dr. Weyhrich holding my hand in the operating room as I went to sleep. That meant a lot to me.”

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